Marketing Scoop Episode 2.19 [Success Story] How TransferWise reached over 1M organic visits

Marketing Scoop Episode 2.19 is an ‘Success Story’ themed episode – specifically focusing on “How TransferWise reached over 1,000,000 organic visits per month”.

Some people think that it’s a lot harder to drive significant volumes of organic traffic to your site compared with what it used to be like a few years ago. However, that’s not the case for TransferWise, a niche brand that’s driving over 1,000,000 visits to its site from organic search every single month.

Joining to discuss the specific strategies that TransferWise are using to achieve this is their Head of Organic Growth & SEO, Fabrizio Ballarini.

We look forward to having Fabrizio on the show!

As ever, the Marketing Scoop discussion will be hosted by David Bain and Judith Lewis.


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