Marketing Scoop Episode 2.17 [SEO] Are links still important for SEO?

Marketing Scoop Episode 2.17 is an ‘SEO’ themed episode – specifically focusing on “Are links still important for SEO?”

We’ve often heard through the years that link building is dead, and that if you work in the world of SEO, there are much better uses of your time than building links. But is that really the case? Do links still work and what are their level of importance and impact in 2019?

Joining us are 2 great guests…

Ric Rodriguez – SEO Director at iProspect
Natalie Mott – Strategy Director at Koozai
We look forward to having them both on the show!

As ever, the Marketing Scoop discussion will be hosted by David Bain and Judith Lewis.

Join us live on Wednesday, the 6th of February.