SEO Surgery APAC #2.2

SEO Surgery APAC (Australia, Asia & Pacific), is a one hour webinar, where we do “Live SEO Check” to see how your website is performing, and how it can be improved. We bring together the best SEO professionals from around the world for the benefit of Australia and APAC and run through 3 selected websites, bringing up issues and insights.

By picking up ideas from our experts, this can also be a good learning exercise for you. SEO is a very broad field, and we aim to highlight the most important issues and enlightening insights.

Submit your site now, it Could Be Your Site We Audit!

Judith Lewis - Founder Decabbit Consultancyand a Digital Marketing Specialist who has been working actively in the online environment since 1996. Her two passions are SEO and Chocolate.

James Norquay - Founder & Consulting Director of Prosperity Media, a High performance SEO and Content Marketing company based in Sydney.

Aleyda Solis - International SEO Consultant and founder of Orainti and speaker at more than 100 conferences in 20 countries in English and Spanish, and is the author of "SEO, Las Claves Esenciales".

Peter Mead - Is your Webinar host, Head of SEO for Bitcoin Australia and co-organiser of the Melbourne SEO meetups, with a focus on Technical SEO and Content Marketing. Peter is known to have a passion for working with the SEO Community.


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